Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cap Boxes (Super Mario 64)

Time for a new craft: the Cap Boxes! Cap Boxes are located in Super Mario 64 around several levels. When you broke them open, a cap would come out. The Red Cap Block gave you the Wing Cap, allowing Mario to fly when shot out of a cannon or Triple Jumping. The Green Cap Block gave the Metal Cap, which turned Mario into metal, allowing him to not be hurt by poison gas in Hazy Maze Cave's Toxic Gas Maze or by enemies, and also let Mario walk underwater. The Blue Cap Block gave Mario the Vanish Cap, turning him transparent and allowing him to walk through meshes and special walls. As a bonus, the Yellow ! Block is thrown into this download pack as well. The Yellow ! Block holds something in it, like a Star, or coins, or a Koopa Shell. Anyway, download it now!

Download here!

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