Tuesday, December 29, 2009

*chokes on dust*

OK, so this isn't really going anywhere. I'm probably going to just post some sneak peeks or whatever now. I don't really have anything to post right now, so I'm sorry if you thought this update would have anything meaningful in it.

Hey, here's an idea: I think I'll try to post some videos or pictures or something once in a while. Now I have to go find some really good things to post! Wish me luck!

*slips on dust*

OK, maybe I should try this a bit more slowly...

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Fun For You Too!

Hey, can you do me a favor? Some of my friends started a site for lots of stuff, like games, sheet music, drawings, etc. and they're trying to get people to join it. So, will you please join? All you have to do is take 2 minutes and join. Plox? (IMPORTANT: Put the location as 'mastermind777' so they can tell who got the most followers, because they've got this small 'contest' to see who can get the most people to join, and that person will get the title of 'Recruiter'.)


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


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Mew Kirby


Dark Tyraniphlosion


Angel Typhlosion


Shiny Gliscorupinch




Darkratina Origin Forme


Darkratina Altered Forme


Digiralkia Altered Forme


Digiralkia Origin Forme


Deoxys Chaos DNAS Forme


Deoxys DNAS Forme


Otenko MS Paint


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dimentio done in MS Paint

My latest creation. Go here for more.

Village Raven Statue (Paper Mario)

This is the Village Raven Statue in Yoshi's Village. It is located in the middle of Yoshi's Village on Lavalava Island. The Village Elder gives Mario the Jade Raven from the Raven Statue to help him find Raphael the Raven. Mario inserts the Jade Raven in the Big Raven Statue deep in the Jade Jungle to open the way to Raphael the Raven's tree. Well, download it now!

Download here!

Merlon's House (Paper Mario)

This is Merlon's House from Paper Mario. This is where Merlon lived, and where you would go to get help. Merlon tells you where to go next and what you need to do if you get stuck for 5 coins. The main oddity of this house is the spinning roof. Also, if you Ground Pound 4 times in his house, a Quick Change Badge falls to the floor.. Well, download it now!

Download here!

Count Bleck (Super Paper Mario)

Speak of the devil! As soon as we say we can't update often, a new craft is finished! But sorry, you're still going to have to wait.

Count Bleck is the main antagonist of Super Paper Mario. He owns the Dark Prognosticus. He uses its power to open The Void, intending to destroy the universe. Mario must stop him before The Void swallows all of the worlds. He refers to himself in third person at times, said Count Bleck. (:P)

This craft is 30cm/11 in tall when finished. The download includes:

*PDFs for lined and lineless
*A readme file (IMPORTANT! READ!)
*6 Bonus Tracks of Count Bleck's music from the Super Paper Mario Soundtrack to listen to

Well, download it now!

Download here!

Model by: Luffy of Google 3D Warehouse (Link)

The Interned (Super Paper Mario)

This is the InterNed from Super Paper Mario. The InterNed would play a song on the jukebox in the Milk Bar for 10 coins. He also moonlights as the host of the 66th Annual "That's My Merlee!" Show. He was also created by the InterChet. Well, download it now!

Download here!

Beta Key (Super Mario 64)

In the Beta version of Super Mario 64, the Big Boo in Big Boo's Haunt held not a Star, but a key. This key's purpose is still unknown, but it is speculated that the key would open a door in Big Boo's Haunt. The model was left in the game, and can be accessed with a GameShark code. Well, download it now!

Download here!

Links: yoshielectron's GameShark Codes (Under 'Beta Codes')

Sunshades (Super Mario Sunshine)

These are the Sunshades from Super Mario Sunshine. A Pianta would give you the Sunshades. Once you got all 120 Shine Sprites, he would also give you a Hawaiian Shirt with Shine Sprites on it. This model is life-sized. Download it now!

Download here!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Mario Party 1 Item Pack

In Mario Party 1, you could buy several Items which would alter game settings when enabled after they were obtained. You started with only the Coin Box, which held your coins. There also were the Lucky Box, which gave a 10% increase on earned Coins, and the Casino Box, which would either double or halve your Coins. The Blocks appeared randomly in place of the Dice Block. The Plus Block gave you Coins equal to what you roll. The Minus Block took away Coins equal to the roll. The Speed Block made only the numbers 8, 9, and 10 appear. The Slow Block made only 1, 2, or 3 appear. The Warp Block switched you with someone else, and the Event Block made an event occur: Koopa Troopa, who would give 20 Coins, Boo, who would offer his services, or Bowser, who would take 20 Coins. The No Koopa and No Boo signs made the respective characters disappear from the board. When you beat the game, you get the Credits CD, which lets you watch the credits. Well, I'll just cut the babble now. Download it now!

Download here!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tumble (Mario Party 3)

"Hey!" Tumble from Mario Party 3 is now a papercraft! In Mario Party 3, everyone got sucked into a toy box, and became part of the Mario Party board game. The first person they meet is Tumble, who first appears as the game dice, spinning in air, before growing a head, hands, and feet. Tumble served the same purpose Toad did in the first two Mario Party games: to be a guide. At the end of the game, it is revealed that he was concealing the True Millennium Star. Anyway, download it now!

Download here!

Pyro Boxes (Super Mario 64)

These are the Pyro Boxes from Super Mario 64. They were stone blocks that spewed fire at regular intervals. All of the Bowser courses had some, and in Lethal Lava Land, a second variety was found near the volcano. Well, download it now!

Download here!

Picture by mrmcgoo

Crazy Crate (Super Mario 64)

This is a Crazy Crate. In Super Mario 64, they were innocent-looking boxes with the same face inked on every side. When Mario picked it up, however, it would hop away with him, two short hops, then go flying off, dragging Mario high up. Well, download it now!

Download here!

Picture by mrmcgoo

Bowser Puzzle (Super Mario 64)

This is the Bowser Puzzle from Super Mario 64's Lethal Lava Land course. The pieces would shift and move, scrambling and unscrambling. When it solves itself for the first time, several coins spawn. The puzzle had all 8 red coins on it, and the star marker on a nearby tile. Well, download it now!

Download here!

Note: You can cut off the tabs to make it a real puzzle.

Picture by mrmcgoo

! Panel (Super Mario 64)

Today's craft: a ! panel from Super Mario 64. These panels could be found in many levels, and when Mario stepped on them, some event would activate. To get one of the Stars in Wet Dry World, you had to step on a ! panel to lower a wooden platform and quickly make it to the bottom of a mesh, or else the wooden platform would rise without you. Anyway, download it now!

Download here!

Records Bottle (Mario Party 2)

In Mini-Game Land in Mario Party 2, there is a small red bottle floating in the water. This is the Records Bottle. By moving to it and pressing A, you could see all of the records you set in Mini-Games. The download pack contains a normal bottle, and a double-sized bottle. Well, download it now!

Download here!

Fly Guy (Super Mario 64)

Whirrr! This is the Fly Guy. They are basically just Shy Guys with propellers. They are found in several games, and in Super Mario 64, the Fly Guys spit fire at you every once in a while. Well, download it now!

Download here!

Blue Coin Block (Super Mario 64)

Ka-chik! This is the Blue Coin Block from Super Mario 64. When you pounded these blocks, Blue Coins would appear somewhere nearby. Blue Coins were worth 5 coins, and were great for healing you or getting you close to obtaining the 100 coin star. Well, download it now!

Download here!

Crystal Tap (Super Mario 64)

This is a Crystal Tap from Super Mario 64. Found in Wet-Dry World, these tetrahedrons would raise and lower the level of water in the course, effectively draining it or flooding it. There were some found in Downtown. Once you activated the Downtown Crystal Taps, it would be impossible to return to the main area. However, skilled players could get the Vanish Cap, flood Downtown, and quickly swim up and through the mesh. Anyway, download it now!

Download here!

Flying Ship (Super Mario 64)

Sailing through the clouds, the Flying Ship slowly rows along. Well, it stays in place, actually. This is the Flying Ship from Super Mario 64. Found in the course Rainbow Ride, it was moving in place at the end of the carpet paths. On the ship, there were two Bob-ombs and a cannon. Feathery wings propelled it like oars. When Mario steps on the ship, there is a breezy gust blowing him to the back. Anyway, download it now!

Download here!

Star Marker (Super Mario 64)

This is the Star Marker from Super Mario 64. This transparent, floating blue star would mark the spot of the Red Coin Star. Once you collected all 8 Red Coins in one level, the Star would appear over the Star Marker. Anyway, download it now!

Download here!

Volcano (Super Mario 64)

Eruption Alert! This is the Volcano from Super Mario 64's Lethal Lava Land course. The volcano can be found in the middle of the level. There was a spinning wheel-shaped platform that rotated around it. The wheel spins, and stops once ina while. This is when the volcano would spew out fire. Also, if Mario jumped into the volcano's crater, he would go inside the volcano, which was an explorable area that held two of the level's Stars. Well, download it now!

Download here!

Cap Boxes (Super Mario 64)

Time for a new craft: the Cap Boxes! Cap Boxes are located in Super Mario 64 around several levels. When you broke them open, a cap would come out. The Red Cap Block gave you the Wing Cap, allowing Mario to fly when shot out of a cannon or Triple Jumping. The Green Cap Block gave the Metal Cap, which turned Mario into metal, allowing him to not be hurt by poison gas in Hazy Maze Cave's Toxic Gas Maze or by enemies, and also let Mario walk underwater. The Blue Cap Block gave Mario the Vanish Cap, turning him transparent and allowing him to walk through meshes and special walls. As a bonus, the Yellow ! Block is thrown into this download pack as well. The Yellow ! Block holds something in it, like a Star, or coins, or a Koopa Shell. Anyway, download it now!

Download here!

Grindel and Spindel (Super Mario 64)

Make way for the mummified duo, Grindel and Spindel! Found in Super Mario 64's level Shifting Sand Land, specifically "Inside the Pyramid", these enemies will flatten you if you get in their way. Getting under a Grindel's falls is not something you want to do, and being steamrolled by Spindel isn't too pleasant, either. Grindels are rumored to be mummified Thwomps or related species. Anyway, download it now!

Download here!

Bullet Bill and Bill Blaster (Super Mario 64)

Kaboom! Bullet Bills are, well, bullets. They are often fired from Bill Blasters. Bullet Bills sometimes home in on you once fired. This particular design came from Super Mario 64's Whomp's Fortress level. After defeating the Whomp King, the fortress is built. At the base of the fortress lies a Bill Blaster. It fires Bullet Bills continuously every once in a while. The Bullet Bills curve towards you. Standing on the bill Blaster or right in front of it stops the Bill Blaster from firing. Anyway, download it now!

Download here!

Cannon (Super Mario 64)

Blast off! This is a new craft, the cannon from Super Mario 64! Cannons could be found in every world. Usually, they would be covered by a hatch with a picture of a Red Bob-Omb on it. The cannons in the level would open when you talked to the Bob-Omb Buddy hidden in the level somewhere, and sometimes the Bob-Omb Buddy would not appear on certain Stars. They're still rather easy to find, though. A cannon outside the castle would open after you got 120 stars to enable you to access the roof. Well, download it now!

Download here!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Red I

Posting for archival purposes. This is a Red I, a bloodshot eye found in Castle Bleck in Super Paper Mario. It's basically just a bloodshot Mr. I. Download it now!

Download here!

Mr. I

Posting for archival purposes. This a Mr. I recolor. Mr. I is, well, an eye. It can shoot blobs of ectoplasm at you in Super Mario 64. And it spins. Well, download it now!

Download here!

Millennium Stars (Mario Party 3)

Another new craft: the Millennium Star from Mario Party 3, both fake and real. In Mario Party 3, the Millennium Star falls to earth, and Mario and others fight over who should control it, when suddenly, they are transported into a toy box. The Millennium Star challenges them to collect the 7 Star Stamps before they can control him. Once you collect all the star stamps, the Millennium Star challenges you to face him in a duel. After winning the Stardust Showdown, he reveals that he was a fake from the beginning, and you just did all of that for nothing. Then, Tumble's head opens up, and the real Millennium Star comes out. Anyway, download it now!

Download here!

Kirby (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)

Here's a new craft: Kirby, from Kirby 64. In Kirby 64, Dark Matter attacks Ripple Star, and Ribbon flies away into space with the Crystal to protect it, but Dark Matter attacks her, and the Crystal shatters into 100 shards, which are scattered all over Pop Star and neighboring planets. Anyway, download it now!

Download here!


Posting for archival purposes. A wild Mew appeared! Mew is a very ancient Pokémon, surrounded by mystery. Several legends exist about Mew. Mew can learn any TM or HM move, which supports the theory that it is an ancestor of all Pokémon. Download it now!

Download here!

Bowser (Mario Party 1)

Posting for archival purposes. This is Bowser. He is Mario's archrival, and usually the main villain. However, his plans are foiled by Mario time and again. This model came from Mario Party. Download it now!

Download here!

Shark (Super Mario 64)

Posting for archival purposes. This shark appeared in Dire, Dire Docks. He would swim by, and if Mario swam into him, he would take damage. Download it now!

Download here!

Manta Ray (Super Mario 64)

Posting for archival purposes. This is a Manta Ray, found in Dire, Dire Docks. It swam along, letting out rings from its tail. If Mario swam through five rings, then a star would appear. Download it now!

Download here!

Cheep Cheep (Super Mario 64)

Posting for archival purposes. In Super Mario 64, these were actually named Bub. Anyway, they were found in Dire, Dire Docks. They swam on by, lazily turning. Download it now!

Download here!

Eternal Star Statue (Super Mario 64)

Posting for archival purposes. This statue in the courtyard of Peach's castle in Super Mario 64 has sparked many rumors due to its blurry sign texture. Many people say that the sign reads "L is real 2401", and this led to many rumors of Luigi being in the game. Now you can download it!

Download here!

Piranha Plant (Super Mario 64)

Posting for archival purposes. This is a Piranha Plant from Super Mario 64. They sleep in their spots, and if you come close noisily, they would wake up and start chomping at you. The way to defeat them was to sneak up on them slowly, tiptoeing your way to them, then punching them. Download it now!

Download here!

Thwomp (Super Mario 64)

Posting for archival purposes. This is what Thwomps looked like in Super Mario 64. They still tried to crush Mario, but they were now blue, cubic, and not spiky. Download it now!

Download here!