Saturday, July 18, 2009

Count Bleck (Super Paper Mario)

Speak of the devil! As soon as we say we can't update often, a new craft is finished! But sorry, you're still going to have to wait.

Count Bleck is the main antagonist of Super Paper Mario. He owns the Dark Prognosticus. He uses its power to open The Void, intending to destroy the universe. Mario must stop him before The Void swallows all of the worlds. He refers to himself in third person at times, said Count Bleck. (:P)

This craft is 30cm/11 in tall when finished. The download includes:

*PDFs for lined and lineless
*A readme file (IMPORTANT! READ!)
*6 Bonus Tracks of Count Bleck's music from the Super Paper Mario Soundtrack to listen to

Well, download it now!

Download here!

Model by: Luffy of Google 3D Warehouse (Link)

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